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Entertainment 24 January, 2018


Sami Bouajila, the television this Wednesday, January 24, on M6 in “Remember,” confided to Marie Claire the difficulties that faced his wife when the actor had to shoot love scenes…

In Remember, the hit series including M6 broadcasts the latest episodes on Wednesday, January 24, Sami Bouajila embodies with talent Benedict Belgarde, police commander. No love scene, a priori, and it is so much better for his wife because, according to the actor, she lives very poorly in the love scenes. “When she looked at The Fault of Voltaire, it is not back to the house for the day. This has made me rather smile, because for me, these scenes are anecdotal, but it was very hurtful for her, “confided the actor of 51 years in 2010 with Marie Claire.

The father of two children, also revealed how he was united with the woman of his life – an anecdote rather curious. No marriage in great pomp or traditional dishes on the menu, and to believe his words… “We got married at the town hall, and then we ate sushi on the sly, with my brother and a friend.”

That no one be no misunderstanding : to the image of his wife, Sami Bouajila is also a sensitive. “I believe that I am a big romantic, but I treat myself…” he admitted in our columns in July 2014.


Sami Bouajila

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