Samuel Etienne shares a cliche of his adorable son disguised as Santa Claus for the holidays

Entertainment 26 December, 2016

Dad filled a small Malo for four months, the broadcaster Questions for a champion unveiled on the occasion of Christmas, a picture in which he tenderly embraces his son. Cracking!
Samuel Etienne swims in full happiness and wants to make it known. The leader of 45 years usually very discreet about his private life , made for parties, a small exception to its rule, by revealing on Twitter a photo where he poses under the tree with his son Malo, of Back and dressed in Santa Claus. “Happiness. Happy Holidays to all ” , he has written under the picture that did not fail to melt subscribers.
Recall that this divine child born on 30 August had forced Samuel Etienne to hurriedly leave the studio Europe 1 for spinning motherhood : his wife, Helen, was about to give birth. ” I’ll have to give up this morning for some exceptional reason. There is good news, a happy event as they say, was expected there in the coming hours, and this is now, and I waited there at the clinic. ” Had he then announced with emotion The antenna.
In that day, Samuel Etienne had posted on his Twitter account a pair of booties birth, and multiplied the interviews to tell his abysmal happiness. At the team C to you , the presenter explained that her little boy, weighed 2.970 kilograms, he pushed his first cry at 5:35 ET as the mother was well.
In celebrating her first Christmas dad, Samuel Etienne punctuates a year in which he has had the burden to succeed Julien Lepers to the animation of the game cult Questions for a champion . An adventure ” a little crazy ” in which he threw himself headlong and he now reaps the rewards because after a slow start , the hearing continued for a continual ascent. Enough to settle permanently in one of the most soft armchairs of the PAF.