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Entertainment 24 January, 2018


Last December 23, the host of Dancing with the stars ” and ” 50 Minutes Inside left TF1 after 10 years of good and loyal service. If Sandrine Quétier has announced that it wants to dedicate herself to theatre, she also seems to have the projects on a different tv channel.

For the past 10 years, it was the effortless charm of French tv channel TF1, with the broadcasts Dancing with the stars ” and ” 50 Minutes Inside. On the 23rd of December last, with much emotion, Sandrine Quétier saluted for the last time, the faithful viewers of her weekly appointment in the company of Nikos Aliagas. And if the newspaper Le Parisien announced that the facilitator, who has the taste of the comedy, was planning to tread the boards of the theatre, it mostly seems for the moment to have signed a contract with a chain competitor.

Yesterday, in fact, the host, Cyril Hanouna announced, on the plateau of Touch not my post, its arrival on the public service : “I think it happens on France 2”. Information confirmed by the site PurePeople. It is not yet known at the head of what issue we can find the bubbly hostess.

Since mid-January and until the beginning of the month of march, Sandrine Quétier this tour, Dancing with the stars where she will find the personalities that have made the success of the show around choreography signed Chris Marks. Last year, the show that invites the public to vote each evening for his favorite number has brought together more than 500 000 spectators.


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