Santa Clarita Diet: Drew Barrymore is a zombie in the trailer for the new Netflix comedy!

Cinema 18 January, 2017

The new comedy of Netflix is ​​coming soon! First preview in this trailer of Santa Clarita Diet.
Exit the terrifying and lobotomized zombies of The Walking Dead! After the disastrous adventures of the Baudelaire orphans last weekend, Netflix will launch in a few weeks Santa Clarita Diet, a completely barred comedy that tries us pretty well. We hear about the series for several months already but we finally know more about this project a little crazy (and totally disgusting) bringing together two actors of renown: Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant. In Santa Clarita Diet , the two stars lend their features to a couple of realtors flowing peaceful days in an American suburban neighborhood. Boring? Not so fast! Check out the first trailer for Santa Clarita Diet , you will understand …
Oh yeah, Drew Barrymore (aka Sheila Hammond) is a zombie and clearly, it has fangs! Rather than flipping and going away, far away from Santa Clarita, her dear and tender Joel (Timothy Olyphant) decides to support her. Worse still, he helps her to support herself (try to find fresh flesh). The result is obviously completely crazy and crazy situations that finally offer us an original and hilarious show on our zombie friends. Santa Clarita Diet, it starts Feb. 3 on Netflix! And in the meantime, ask the January program ! We’ll be at the rendezvous, and you?