Santa Clarita Diet: Is a season 2 of the novelty of Netflix to be expected?

Cinema 5 February, 2017

Since Friday, we can discover the novelty Santa Clarita Diet on Netflix. Will this series completely crazy give us a season 2?
A little more zombie? Last Friday, the network video-on-demand Netflix launched its novelty with Drew Barrymore: Santa Clarita Diet, for which we dévoilions 3 reasons to binge-watcher. Once the 10 episodes of this first salvo view, a question is required: when will the next? For the moment, no renewal announcement has been made, so we have to worry about a possible cancellation? This is very unlikely. Indeed, the network has a habit of taking its time in order to announce this type of good news to the fans and thus create the event. We can add that until today, Netflix never canceled one of its original creations after a first season. So, we just have to take our trouble patiently and wait for the confirmation to arrive. Also, we can note that rarely a new Netflix has done more talking . Santa Clarita Diet made headlines numerous magazines and not only those of the press. Admittedly, this is a nice shot of proposing a series featuring an actress of the caliber of Drew Barrymore. Netflix had not done as well since the launch of House of Cards with Kevin Spacey and we have every reason to think it will pay off.
Finally, due to its completely open season finale, Santa Clarita Diet looks set to offer us a season 2 even more closed, more bloody and necessarily funny that Sheila would know the greatest difficulty to contain his hunger. Can a zombie invasion take place in this peaceful little suburban city? Although we do not have the answer, we dream! It remains to be seen when we will have the pleasure of enjoying the next burst of episodes of this atypical series. Meanwhile, Netflix is preparing numerous launches, like 13 Reasons Why, Series Selena Gomez, who is revealed through a first teaser! What did you think of the first season of Santa Clarita Diet?