Sara Geurts : covered with wrinkles at 26 years old because of a rare disease

Health 14 July, 2017


Published the 14.07.2017 at 08h48


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Sara Geurts at the age of 26. But its appearance is that of an old woman. The American may be young, his body is covered with deep wrinkles and his skin is hard. In fact, Sara is not a young woman like the others. It suffers from the syndrome of Ehlers-danlos syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that affects production of collagen.

Anyone who has made a detour by the radius of the anti-wrinkle product has already dealt with this argument : thanks to the collagen, the skin regains its youth. But this protein is not only a miracle product. It is also produced naturally by the body. It is thanks to the collagen that the skin is elastic or that our joints are protected from premature wear.

Too little collagen

But since its birth, the body of Sara Geurts will synthesize not enough collagen. She suffers from a classic form of the disease, which affects about one in 30 000. From his teenage years, his skin wrinkle, weakens and heals poorly. His joints are too flexible. First complexed by his body prematurely old, she has come to accept the signs increasingly evident from his illness.



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If the genetic disease does not affect life expectancy, it can be disabling. In addition to the aesthetic aspect, instability of multiple joints, the pains and symptoms extra-musculo-skeletal strongly degraded the quality of life.

The face of a disease

The thin-skinned and released in the U.s. eventually became an asset to her profession of modeling. In September 2015, she took part in the campaign ” Love your lines “, that glorifies the scars and stretch marks, which are the bodies of women. “I hope to become the face of the syndrome of Ehlers-danlos syndrome,” says Sara Geurts to Barcroft TV.

After struggling against his appearance, the young woman has decided to advocate for a more tolerant society. “Each of your imperfections is unique to you, it tells your story, who you are, the path you have travelled “, she explained to Barcroft TV.

As hard as it is vis-à-vis the body, the fashion world seems to have understood this message. More and more young models are distinguished by their physical characteristics. Melanie Gaydos has thus made its syndrome, Clouston a weapon to attract the photographers. Winnie Harlow, for her part, charmed the lenses with her vitiligo.