Scam : the sticker “Jiftip” protects neither STIS nor pregnancy

Health 16 August, 2017


Published the 13.08.2017 at 17: 50


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It is a small, flexible adhesive glue onto the tip of the penis, the meatus urinary. It is sold as being able to hold urine and semen during intercourse and protect against sexually transmitted infections, in particular against HIV, but also against unwanted pregnancy.

The slogan of his seller, Jiftip, is clear : “Slam the door to the invaders and return to these a few seeds of baby-hungry in their room “. But experts warn against its inefficiency. “This sticker presented as a revolution to replace the condom does not protect you from HIV and other STIS “, warns the association to Aid in a tweet.


This sticker presented as a revolution pr replace the condom does not protect you from HIV/other STIS

— AIDES Association (@assoAIDES) August 8, 2017


Ineffective and painful

The sticker can not prevent the transmission of syphilis or herpes, for example, for which the contamination occurs by simple contact of the skin. The manufacturers themselves admit its inefficiency, the statement ” not approved against STIS or contraception “.

Natika Halil, director sexual health and family planning uk, has warned in the columns of the Sun Online : “there is no evidence that suggests that the product is safe, effective or efficient. It might even be very painful “. The manufacturer indicates on its website that the withdrawal of the device may be painful in the beginning.

But the real risk, it is the abandonment of condoms for the sticker. “Feel your partner, feel the freedom, feel the safety “, expresses the manufacturer. Feel the scam, seem to add experts and associations. The condom is effective and cheap (or even free). It remains the only weapon safe against STIS.