Scandal Season 6: Episode 1, Who is the new President of the United States? Our criticism

Cinema 28 January, 2017

Last night, Scandal made his big comeback on the American channel ABC with the first episode of its season 6. Then discover without further delay our critique of “Survival of the Fittest”
After many months of waiting, we finally discovered episode 1 of season 6 of Scandal and the least we can say is that the game was worth the candle. For the beginning of the new chapter, Scandal offers us an explosive episode, full of twists and Olivia with more bad-ass than ever. What a pleasure to find the secrets and the tricks of Washington! “Survival of the Fittest” begins with a scene that gives us immediately the tone of the episode, with an explosion happening under the nose of Quinn and Huck. Then, we are plunged directly into the bath of the elections since we find the characters the evening of the results of the popular vote. While it is only a matter of waiting for the results of a California county to determine the winner, the series takes us in reverse and has elected Francisco Vargas, new President of the United States . Obviously, this victory plunges us straight into the news with the recent defeat of Hillary Clinton against Donald Trump – although Francisco Vargas is far from resembling Trump. One imagines then that the reactions of Mellie Grant are close to those that could have felt Clinton. It was then Olivia had to confront reality with her candidate. “We lost They won It’s over..” , She said – even if the rest of the episode will show us that it is far from finished. The scene where Mellie calls Vargas to congratulate him is very powerful, especially because of his sobriety and we could not help but have tears in his eyes. After all, we really wanted to see Mellie as the new President.
While Olivia and Mellie share one of their famous scenes where they drink and trust – we love scenes – Liv apologizes for lost and by then well feel the disappointment of losing power so close goal. However, they will soon be interrupted because the President who has just been elected has been shot at! A bounce of situation that has not seen at all come and that will allow the series to explore a situation for the moment unprecedented in the history of the United States. What happens if the President dies before the great voters have been able to vote? We must recognize the skill of Shonda Rhimes has surfed on the news, while lifting intelligent questions, peppering the whole of turnaround that keep the viewer glued to his chair . Fitz discovers that responsibility rests with him – more or less – because it is his speech that will give the direction that the great voters will have to follow. The death of Vargas creates an opening for Olivia who sees then an opportunity to return Mellie in the race to the oval office. Besides, if the latter has a brief moment of flutter during which she no longer wants this position, a touching discussion shared with Fitz reminds her of what she really wants.
Throughout the episode, one discovers that many things have changed. The relationship between Liv and Fitz seems to have improved, Marcus no longer works for Olivia and has no relationship with Mellie. If sometimes this can create misunderstandings in the plot, here it brings freshness to the series that needed to get back to its basics. Finally, the biggest turnaround of all – the fact that Cyrus probably killed Vargas – and that the evidence comes after Fitz’s speech gives us an idea of ​​the rest of the season. Olivia Pope will not sleep until Cyrus pays and she can not prove her guilt. This scene where she whispers all this in the ear has made us shiver, it’s official Olivia Pope is back! After this fine introduction with episode 1, we look forward to see the end of season 6 of Scandal . In any case, if one believes the video promo of the episode, which you can see above, it promises to be just as intense. What did you think of this episode?