Scandal Season 6: Episode 14, what’s going to happen?

Cinema 7 May, 2017

Discover what’s going to happen in episode 14 of season 6 of Scandal, which will be released on May 11 next on the American channel ABC!
Was the threat to Mellie and the White House really annihilated? In Scandal’s Season 6 episode 13 , Olivia, Rowan, Jake and Company used the strong way in order to get rid of Samantha, Marjorie – this woman had so many different names – and Peus. We still do not know the reasons that motivated their actions and why they wanted at all costs that Mellie Grant is the future President of the United States. Fortunately, in the next episode of Scandal titled “Head Games” , Jake will finally discover what prompted Peus and Marjorie to do all these horrors . Meanwhile,
In the episode 14 promotional video you can see above, we can see that Olivia and Fitz will celebrate their victory against Peus as it should. Now that she finally has what she wants and that Fitz is going to leave the White House, does that mean they are finally ready to be together? But if Olivia is now working for Mellie, what will happen to OPA? This is what worries Quinn, who does not see OPA survive without his chief gladiator, Olivia Pope. A dispute will break out between the two women, if we believe the images of the promo. While waiting to discover all this, we propose you to read our review of episode 13 of season 6 of Scandal.