Scandal season 6: Episode 2, a first victory for Olivia? Our criticism

Cinema 4 February, 2017

Olivia is at war with Cyrus and could have won the first battle in Scandal’s Season 6 episode 2. Discover the criticism of “Hardball”!
Last week someone became President of the United States in the Season Premiere Season 6 Scandal but not someone we expected to see in the Oval Office. What happened last night? Did we get a new amazing twist? The editorial of melty reveals his review of episode 2 of season 6 of Scandal . “Hardball” opens with the speech of Mellie agreeing to be the Republican presidential candidate. That moves Marcus tears, which do not fail to shock Huck and Quinn. While Mellie would like to thank everyone and especially Olivia, she warns her. A romance with Marcus is not a good idea! In this, Olivia did listen to the message of the woman who says Cyrus killed Abby and David Vargas but remain particularly skeptical because a suspect was arrested in Season 6 of Scandal . Fitz also doubts, there is no evidence against Cyrus. The investigation seems over and Olivia finds it difficult to find allies in particular because the arrested man seems to be the ideal suspect. Fitz organizes an interview between Mellie and Cyrus. The latter wants the former First Lady to become its Vice-President, an offer that it declines. Fitz’s old right-hand man says he did not kill Vargas and this time he’s not the bad guy but Liz! Should we believe it? Hard to say !
Quinn and Charlie coated holding the FBI to investigate the explosion of the house in the woods but collecting evidence is more difficult than they thought in Season 6 of Scandal . Abby summons Jake to help her make the suspect confess. If Mellie now seems to repel Marcus, they had difficulty staying away from each other and did indeed have an adventure during the campaign. In the present, while Quinn needs to know everything about her fiance, he and Olivia explains that the young woman victim of the explosion is the one that claimed that Cyrus was killed Vargas . You said bizarre? We also find that shady! While Liv dines with FBI director Angela, who seems to be hoping for her blessing to go out with Fitz, Huck and Charlie help Quinn gather the evidence found at the scene of the explosion. Later, Angela finds Abby and Jake who did speak with the suspect methods . David starts to believe Olivia. As for Mellie, she seems to have thought about Cyrus’ proposal and asked Marcus for advice. As Vice-President, she would be entitled to a private life. He confesses that she misses him, he has chosen and has the right to choose him in Season 6 of Scandal .
In the past, she had confessed to being really in love with him at Olivia. But she had not hesitated to ask Abby to break them by giving the position of press secretary of the White House to Marcus. This has indeed distanced them. Mellie finally learns and is furious with Olivia. She abandons the presidency! At the funeral of Vargas, Liz and Cyrus exchange murderous looks and defiance. At the White House, Mellie asks Fitz and Marcus to speak, but after returning to the oval office, she seems to have made her choice and returns to OPA. As for Huck, he found a video that Olivia hastens to show Fitz, cuddling Angela. This is a dispute between Cyrus and Vargas that threatens its future Vice-President of imprisonment . Who was right? Olivia of course! This season 6 Scandal decidedly starts very strong alternating dramatic moments and lighter and romantic not to mention a great suspense and a touch of humor always welcome. Next week, in episode 3, the war will continue between Olivia and Cyrus who will accuse her rival of wanting to steal the presidency. But the latter also confessed to having made a huge mistake. Like killing Vargas for example? Before you know it, see if Abby will do anything to stay in power in Season 6 of Scandal! So the meltynauts, what did you think of Scandal’s Season 6 episode 2?