Scandal Season 6: Episode 2, Olivia determined to face Cyrus, what will happen?

Cinema 30 January, 2017

Olivia Pope will be ready to do anything to deprive Cyrus of the presidency of the United States in episode 2 of season 6 of Scandal. But what will happen in “Hardball”?
After several months of absence, Scandal series is back on the ground running with the Season Premiere. Who is the new President of the United States in the show? Well, neither Mellie nor Vargas! Indeed, former First Lady lost to Democratic candidate but then he had just been elected, Francisco Vargas, has been shot in Season 6 of Scandal . The latter did not survive his injuries and Fitz was forced to choose his successor. The current President has preferred to follow the people’s choice in appointing the Vice President Francisco Vargas, Cyrus . The problem ? It seems that he killed the winner to become President in his place! Did Cyrus really assassinate Vargas? Will Olivia be able to prove it? What will happen in episode 2 of season 6 of Scandal ?
Olivia Pope is determined but in “Hardball”, she will be more than she has ever been before. The young woman knows that Cyrus was killed Vargas to reach the Oval Office and wants to prove it in Season 6 of Scandal . In this new episode we will discover flashbacks that will put us on the track of what happened during the campaign and how much Olivia was ready to go to win. Can she really find evidence to incriminate Cyrus? Is the latter really responsible, or is Olivia blinded by her thirst for victory? Mystery! One thing is for sure, she will not be ready to give up the White House. Liv could even work with her father who put her on the Cyrus trail. His gladiators will certainly help him get answers as Fitz and Abby face an unprecedented national crisis. You will be given an appointment, as of Thursday next night, to know more! Meanwhile, also discover what address the new series of Shonda Rhimes on ABC after the success of Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and HTGAWM. So the meltynauts, do you look forward to Scandal’s Season 6 episode 2?