Scandal Season 6: Episode 3, Olivia vs. Cyrus, what’s going to happen?

Cinema 4 February, 2017

Check out Scandal’s Season 6 episode 3, which will air on February 9th on US-based ABC.
Season 6 Scandal begins on hubcaps, with two exciting and surprising episodes. We are delighted to find the merciless world of Washington, where everything is allowed to get power. In episode 2 of season 6 of Scandal , which aired Thursday night in the US, Olivia Pope and her team could certainly have found incriminating evidence against Cyrus in the murder of Francisco Vargas. At the moment, doubt remains about his guilt and the next episode will focus on that. Indeed, according to the synopsis of “Fates Worse Than Death” , all eyes will be on Cyrus Beene and his fate would be sealed . Does this mean that he will officially become the new President or will he find himself behind bars?
For her part, Olivia Pope will not hesitate to discover the truth about the death of Francisco Vargas and, of course, to do so, she will need the help of her faithful Gladiators. So it will be Olivia VS. Cyrus in the episode, as also shown in the promotional video of the episode you can view above. While our heroine will try to prove at any cost that Cyrus is guilty, it will claim that this is a set-up so that Mellie could be elected President in his place . Who will the American people believe? Moreover, it is difficult to know which side to find Abby and Fitz, especially because you can hear it say “we are in the process of play you” to the current President. That promises in any case to be still an episode under high tension, strongly next week! To help you wait you can always read our review of episode 2 of season 6 of Scandal on melty. What do you think ?