Scandal Season 6: Episode 4, Olivia Continues to Investigate the Murder of SPOILER, What Will Happen?

Scandal’s Season 6 episode 4 will air on Thursday, February 16th. Then discover what awaits you in “The Belt”.
Guilty or innocent? This is the question that will haunt all the characters of Scandal about Cyrus, in the next episode that will be broadcast Thursday on the American channel ABC. Since the beginning of the sixth season, the doubt persists about the guilt of Cyrus. Did he really kill Francisco Vargas? In any case, if Scandal’s Season 6 episode 3 is to be believed , he would be innocent, but his actions towards Tom would have pushed him to lie to make him pay. In episode 4, Cyrus will continue to shout loud and clear that he is innocent while facing the biggest challenge of his life – remember that he is stopped at the end of the last episode . In the promo video, which you can view below,
Will Olivia believe her old friend? According to the synopsis of “The Belt” , Olivia and her team of Gladiators will discover new elements concerning the night of the murder of Francisco . Will these new elements play out in favor of Cyrus? Meanwhile, Mellie will be officially nominated to be the next President of the United States – now that Cyrus is behind bars – however, everything is not yet played and last minute turnarounds may well get in the way His way to the White House. This fourth episode still promises us many surprises and especially a moment “OMG” that we especially look forward to discover. Finally, be aware that Scandal, Gray’s Anatomy and How To Get Away With Murder, were renewed by ABC. What do you think ?

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