Scandal season 6: Episode 6, we know who killed SPOILER, our critic

Cinema 17 March, 2017

Last night, the American channel ABC broadcast episode 6 of season 6 of Scandal. Then discover our review of “Extinction” as well as the video promo of the next episode.
If the episode 6 of season 6 of Scandal is full of revelations, especially concerning the great mystery of this beginning of season, it is no less annoying and redundant . “Extinction” takes a closer look at the involvement of Eli Pope in the US elections and, as might have been suspected, is no stranger to the death of Vargas. The episode is essentially made up of flashbacks, including some scenes we’ve already seen at the beginning of the season – hence the redundancy. One then made the acquaintance of a certain Sandra, the first love of Papa Pope, with whom he worked on prehistoric excavations. Certainly, her relationship with this woman allows to humanize it a little but, frankly, Rowan is far from being the favorite character in the series and an episode centered on him is not what you prefer. It is discovered that he never continued his relationship with Sandra because it became a handicap for him and it is exactly what happens now that the two characters have resumed contact.
It turns out that for once it is Papa Pope’s turn to be manipulated by a man and a woman whose ultimate goal is to elect Mellie Grant. It is interesting to see Eli in this position of inferiority and to see him live what he could make live to people like Huck, Jake, Charlie or even his daughter Olivia. For once, someone has a hand on the one we thought was unbeatable . Eli must then put his abilities at the service of these people, and he must do his best to get Mellie elected. His first attempt is to manipulate the votes of a California county, but his plan falls when Huck realizes it and warns Olivia. In the course of time, Sarah and her partner decide that the only remaining solution is to have Francisco Vargas murdered and Cyrus Beene to wear the hat. The latter is therefore innocent, and it is Eli the real culprit. If Pope Pope gets to dirty his hands after all the manipulations he has orchestrated is satisfactory, it must be admitted that there are a number of inconsistencies regarding the murder of Vargas. How can the police think that the killer was a sniper when the shots came from under the platform?
Later, Eli thinks he is finally free from the control of this mysterious organization, and we must admit that he is very naive on this score. Seeing that he obeys the finger and the eye to protect Sandra, Sarah announces to him that it is only the beginning of a great collaboration between them because they need a henchman. Rowan understands that Sandra has become the handicap he always thought she would be and he then shoots the woman he loves in cold blood, thinking that this will free him from the hold of others. Unfortunately for him, it was without counting on the fact that they also have a man who watches day and night on Olivia … Eli ‘Rowan’ Pope is made like a rat and one knows from that moment that ‘He will have to keep working for them. In the end, this episode brings more questions than answers. Who are these people ? Why do they want Mellie to be elected? The next episode of season 6 of Scandal looks a little more eventful anyway, since Olivia will ask Huck to kill his father after learning that he was responsible for the murder of Vargas! What did you think of this episode?