Scandal Season 6: Episode 7, Olivia wants to kill SPOILER, what’s going to happen?

Discover what awaits you in episode 7 of season 6 of Scandal, which will be released on March 23 next on the American channel ABC.
Now that we know the identity of the murderer of Francisco Vargas, thanks to the events of the episode 6 of season 6 of Scandal , one feels that things are about to change in the series. Olivia is going to realize that her father has totally played her from the beginning, and because of him Cyrus is now on the death row, since he was wearing the hat for The assassination of the President. In “A Traitor Among Us,” Olivia decided to take matters into her own hands and asked Huck a surprising favor: killing her father . This is an extremely risky and dangerous task, which has already failed several times in the past,
However, the latest events proved that Papa Pope was not as far-sighted as before because another organization seems to have the upper hand on it. Will Huck agree to kill Rowan for Olivia? And if so, can he get there? Scandal’s Season 6 episode 7 promises to be thrilling and we are eager to see how the Gladiators will go about developing a plan that is effective enough to eliminate the most dangerous man in Whasington. Besides, will Olivia manage to complete this undertaking? After all, it’s all about his father. In addition, one wonders if the organization that holds Rowan “hostage” will interfere with Olivia’s plans or not, for them, Rowan is a real asset and it may be better to keep him alive so he can continue to serve them. What do you think ?

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