Scandal season 6: Episode 8, the secret of Abby, our critic

Cinema 31 March, 2017

Check out our review of Scandal’s Season 6 episode 8, which was aired last night on US-based ABC.
If the start of the season 6 of Scandal was a good surprise, the blow has quickly faded and the trouble is often at the rendezvous when watching the episodes. It is a good idea to want to make us relive the evening of the elections from the point of view of the different characters, but the result is too repetitive. We do not know you, but we are tired of hearing each time the speech of Francisco Vargas and review the same scenes – sometimes even in the one episode. Scandal’s Season 6 episode 8 focuses on Abby and it was hoped that it would be full of revelations and thrilling to follow because of the end of the last episode is a real disappointment. In any case, “A Stomach for Blood” Shows that once you have begun to soil your hands in order to get a little more power in Washington, there is no turning back. And that Abby learned it at his expense.
One discovers in the episode that if Abby is in cahoots with those who are responsible for the murder of Vargas, it is above all because they bet on it. While she believes she is going to an appointment to get money for the continuation of Fitz’s political career, she finds herself faced with Mr. Paius and Marjorie Rueland who want to finance her. They tell her that they have seen her potential and that they think she might even become President of the United States. They promise her $ 300 million if she agrees to do whatever they want. If Abby is completely shocked by the murder of Vargas, she finally bends to the rules. The first thing she must do is go to the hospital where she has to replace the bullets that are in the body of Vargas by others.
Abby quickly came to regret his ambition and his thirst for power when she discovered that Cyrus was sentenced to death for the murder of Francisco when she knew very well that he was innocent. Determined to save him, he advised her to embark on a political career, she sees an opportunity come to her when Huck comes to her and tells her that Jennifer is alive. She sees it as a means of bargaining Cyrus’s release with Marjorie. So it was to save Cyrus that Abby let Meg kill Jennifer and maybe even Huck by the same opportunity. The former gladiator does not even bother to announce the possible death of the one who was his friend one day and it is a little difficult to believe . The fate of Huck remains therefore uncertain for the time being and waiting to learn more, We invite you to read our review of episode 7 of season 6 of Scandal , on melty. What did you think of this episode?