Scandal Season 6: Episode 9, Olivia discovers the disappearance of SPOILER, what will happen?

Cinema 4 April, 2017

Discover what’s in store for you in Season 6 episode 9 of Scandal, which will air on April 6th on the American channel ABC.
If in Scandal’s episode 8 of Season 6 there was no news of Huck, since the plot was centered on Abby, one should have news of the gladiator in the episode which will be broadcast next Thursday to the State -United. When Olivia discovers the disappearance of Huck, the OPA members will do their best to find their friend, hoping that he is still alive . It will be a race against time for Olivia and Quinn in “Dead in the Water” . In the episode 9 promo video, which you can view below, you can see Olivia asking for help from Abby. Given that it was she who gave the order to get rid of Huck, one wonders well how she will react in front of her former boss and best friend …
According to the images, it seems that Abby finally regrets his act since it can be seen on the phone, desperate, saying “please tell me just where it is” . Moreover, on the promo pictures of the next episode of Scandal , it is in the offices of OPA. Everyone seems to be reunited to save Huck. Will Abby tell Olivia the truth? Meg will do all he can to get rid of Huck’s body. On the picture where you see him very briefly in the trunk of the car, it seems that he is still alive, but nothing is safe. And who knows what state it will be when Quinn, Charlie and the others find him? If they find it … We hope in any case that this episode will be more exciting than the last one, Which included far too many flashbacks. While waiting to be able to discover it, we propose to you to find our program of the week series with notably the returns of Prison Break, iZombie or even of The Get Down , on melty. What do you think ?