Scandal Season 6: Is Abby going to do anything to stay in power? (SPOILERS)

Cinema 14 January, 2017

Discover the confessions of Darby Stanchfield on his character, Abby, in season 6 of Scandal. Warning, spoilers!

If the season 6 of Scandal would return in a few days on the great Americans, we will unfortunately have to wait for an extra week. Indeed, the return of Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder were shifted by one week because of a pre-inauguratrice evening for Donald Trump. If we must take again its troubles patiently, the editorial of melty propose today to discover all new spoilers about the season premiere of season 6, and specifically the character of Abby . As you know, Abby took enormous power last season, notably by becoming General Secretary of the White House for Fitz Grant, replacing Cyrus Beene, whom she managed to oust. This rise to power has put her in conflict with her forever friend Olivia Pope, and we’re not sure it’s over in the new season.
According to Entertainment Weekly, Abby will have an amazing monologue in the season premiere as Scandal is so well done , that will mark the assurance his character will show during the season. “When Season 6 begins, Abby is still General Secretary of the White House, the difference is that Abby really begins to feel comfortable in power, it has been a long climb, a struggle, to get into the bubble of The White House, and now she’s the one who is leading the dance and nobody notices it, it’s great, and it’s great for the moment, let’s not forget that there will soon be a new President the United States !” , Darby Stanchfield told Entertainment Weekly. Will Abby then try everything to stay in power? If Scandal has taught us anything it is that once the characters have tasted power in the White House, they are struggling to live without. While waiting to learn more, know that you can read the synopsis of the season premiere of season 6 of Scandal on melty. What do you think ?