Scandal season 6: Olivia guilty of the murder of Vargas? The WTF!

Cinema 4 February, 2017

While Olivia does everything to accuse Cyrus of the murder of Vargas, would she have actually committed this assassination in season 6 of Scandal? This is the WTF Theory of the Week!
Thursday night in episode 2 of season 6 of Scandal, Olivia won his first victory . The young woman is determined to prove to the whole world that Cyrus is the assassin of Frank Vargas or at least that he was the one who managed everything to reach the oval office. The two old friends are waging a real war in Season 6 of Scandal . Is Fitz’s right-hand man really guilty? Does not that seem a bit too easy? Cyrus is far from being all white, he has already done horrible things to stay close to the White House and get to where he is now. However, he told Mellie that this time, it was not he the villain in Season 6 Scandal but Olivia Pope. Does he say the truth? Some fans believe that the young woman tries to accuse Cyrus because she is the real culprit. Did Olivia kill Frank Vargas? This is the WTF Theory of the Week!
Olivia has proven to be absolutely desperate to get a place at the White House in Season 6 of Scandal by Mellie next US President. And if she had managed to get rid of Vargas and was now trying to bring down Cyrus which is the last obstacle preventing Mellie from being president? This is in any case what fans think especially because it has not really been annihilated to lose the election. She knew maybe a second chance would be offered to her immediately. If it has not pulled the trigger, she could ask Jake to do . Not only did he absent himself during the night of the elections and he could very easily disappear the evidence, being at the head of the NSA. So, why would she have initially accused Rowan if she already knew the culprit? Mystery! While waiting to learn more, try as it will happen in episode 3 of season 6 of Scandal . And, in your opinion, did Olivia premeditate the murder of Vargas in season 6 of Scandal?