Scandal Season 6: The poster for the new season a tease Olivia Pope darker

Cinema 30 November, 2016

US network ABC has unveiled the poster of season 6 of Scandal, discover it without delay!

scandal-saison-5-photos-promo-cast-oliviaWe’ll have to be patient even before finding Olivia Pope and company, since season 6 Scandal will not begin until January 19, 2017 on the American channel ABC . Fortunately, information continue to fall and you begin to get an idea of what will look like this season. The first thing that shines is that it should be more ruthless than ever and we should discover that Olivia Pope is less the person we thought . We already had that impression at the end of Season 5, especially when forced Jake to do what she wanted, and doing exactly what we wanted from her father. And if there’s one thing we know is that if Eli Pope think it’s a good thing, it is certainly a very bad thing.
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This is the poster of season 6
On the posting of the new season you can find above, Olivia Pope appears alone. It is certainly always dressed in white, but the background behind is indeed black. Our heroine she will definitely put his white hat in the closet and get sucked by power? In any case that suggests the catchphrase “the balance of power is about to shift” which means “the balance of power is about to change” . In addition, the look is quite reminiscent of Olivia and you can see that it will stop at nothing to win this election . This is also the impression that we also had in viewing the trailer for season 6 Scandal , when Olivia told Mellie she has not finished with this election. One thing is certain, Scandal promises an explosive back and really can not wait to discover this new season. What do you think?