Scandal Season 7: 5 Things You Want to See in the Ultimate Episodes!

Cinema 11 June, 2017

While Scandal season 7 will be the last of the series, we propose you to discover the things that we absolutely want to see in this last chapter!

It’s hard to believe and yet Scandal’s Season 7 will be the last one , and we’re already wondering as Shonda Rhimes and the screenwriters will decide to close the story of Olivia Pope and the other characters in the series. In any case, after the events of season 6, we already have some ideas on what we would like to see in the final season, especially now that Olivia is at the same time Head of Cabinet of Mellie and at the head of the New B613. The end of the season has actually redistributed the cards for all the Scandal characters and it really gives us a hurry to see what happens next. You are then offered to discover the 5 things that we would really like to see before the end.
Marcus and Mellie together
Now that Mellie is finally President of the United States, it is thought that she also deserves a little happiness and why not find him in the arms of Marcus? Mellie Grant was never really lucky and when she finally seemed happy, Olivia put an end to it. Admittedly her new position is tricky and she can not really do what she wants in the eyes of the public, but we would not be against a secret torrid connection between Mellie and Marcus!
Less Pope Pope
Yes please! Eli “Rowan” Pope has taken a far too important place in Scandal and it must be confessed that we are a little tired of hearing his monologues to extend and that he still feels like a superior authority to everyone. It is hoped that he will have only a minor role in the plot of Season 7 and that Olivia will continue to dominate her father as she began in season 6.
The return of the Gladiators
At the end of season 6, Abby has finally found his family of Gladiators and now that Quinn and Charlie are going to have a baby, it looks like they are all more united than ever. Now that they are no longer under Olivia’s orders, we are eager to see how the Gladiators work without it and we hope a real return of OPA – will they keep the name elsewhere ? Moreover, we really want to see them face Olivia Pope and the new administration .
Olivia Pope at the top of her art
And, of course, what we want more than anything for this latest chapter of Scandal is seeing Olivia Pope being more bad-ass than ever. Whether she decides to embrace her dark side or she comes back more on the right path, in any case we will be there to see this and we hope that her character will really come back to the center of the plot. In short, we want the Olivia Pope of the season finale of season 6, but in each episode.
Moments “OMG”
Since this will be the last season, we are expected to be surprised, astonished, left in awe, in short we want real OMG moments , as the series calls them. Too many times in recent seasons we have found his moments less catchy and more superficial than in the first seasons and we really hope that season 7 will channel the essence of the beginnings of the series to close its history. We want to turn things around, the unexpected, because when Scandal applies, she knows how to make us shiver and shout “OMG” on our TV. Meanwhile, know that you can discover what can be expected of the season 7 of Scandal , on melty. What do you want to see in season 7 of Scandal?