Scandal Season 7: When will it be broadcast?

Cinema 19 May, 2017

Discover when Scandal season 7 will be broadcast on the American channel ABC. Attention, this article contains spoilers on the season finale of season 6!
Scandal closed his season 6 with a double panting episode and you can also read our review of the final season , on melty. It is more than ever Olivia Pope who leads the dance at the White House and whether she admits it or not, she is more like her parents than she thinks. Certainly Luna Vargas is not white as snow, and she nevertheless agreed to have her husband killed to gain power. But is Olivia better by forcing her to commit suicide and by naming the man who has made the most of Vice-President? The moral compass of our Gladiator in Chief oscillates more and more between the good and the bad, reinforcing more and more the image of anti-heroin of Olivia Pope. Now that this is, as Cyrus says, “the most powerful woman in the world”
Well, to discover it will have to be very patient since with summer coming, we know, the series are in summer hiatus. Scandal having been renewed for a seventh and final season , we will find it again this fall on ABC. In general, the TGIT – Gray’s Anatomy, Scandal and How To Get Away with Murder – comes back at the end of September, so we imagine either Thursday 21 or Thursday, September 28, 2017. That means four months to hold before finding Olivia Pope And all the other characters in new adventures that already promise a lot of changes given the end of season 6. Moreover, as this will be the last season, We will see how Shonda Rhimes imagined the end of her heroine and whether or not it will be a happy ending for her. What do you think ?