SCH dresses less than 10 euros at Quechua and displays without glasses!

Entertainment 24 January, 2017

SCH is not a rapper like the others. When it is not displayed in Margiela, it sports a fleece Quechua without glasses, please.
SCH continues to treat us. 1 year after his acceleration on the A7 of success with a delicious mixtape, the rapper launched his Anarchy with a good dose of success. With his neat look and flow coming from elsewhere, the rapper put everyone in agreement. But this never prevented him from keeping his head on his shoulders. When it does not validate a pair of Air Jordan 11 Space Jam , the MC with long hair wears a fleece Quechua . Better still, he has not hesitated to display without glasses, to the delight of his thousands of followers on Instagram.
Great fashion savvy, SCH often dresses with sapes of great brand. But he also seems to be a fan of Quechua polar. This is not the first time he carries a piece of this shoe since Decathlon downright promotes itself with SCH and JUL . And given the impressive number of comments on the publication of the interpreter 6.45i, we understand better why this lover of undermining also opt for simple, minimalist outfits . If you want the shopper polar carried by SCH, it will cost 7.99 euros here.