SCH flashed by a fan, it completes it in two movements three movements

Entertainment 13 April, 2017

SCH did not enjoy getting clashed by one of his fans on social networks. The rapper immediately avenged himself.
SCH made a comeback with his last sound “As if”, whose clip we validated . The video has reached 4 million views on YouTube since 7 April. A winning comeback, which was accompanied by the announcement of the release of a new album Deo Favente on May 5th. In his video, the artist plays the bad boy off Marseille, his city of heart. On a boat or in a helicopter, the guy throws and assumes 100% his role. Inevitably, this success and this aplomb does not necessarily please everyone. But those who want to attack SCH are warned, the rapper does not have his tongue in his pocket and does not hesitate to send pikes .
On April 7, a fan wanted to star the star to get noticed and reap a maximum of likes . He then marked in commentary one of the rapper’s publications : “SCH before you were ugly in the tess today you have the hair of Eva Mendes” , making in passing a nod to NLP , Of which he resumed in his sauce the words of the song “DA” . In a few minutes, the boy got over 360 likes on his post. But if the troublemaker felt wings, he quickly went downstairs when SCH himself, who is part of the rappers with the three letters that carton , answered him wickedly. The rapper posted the profile picture of the fan by legend “

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