Scott Disick: Bella Thorne in a bikini and ass in the air in her garden

Entertainment 22 June, 2017

We do not understand anything! Bella Thorne has been in a swimsuit at her home in Scott Disick.
Recently, Scott Disick apologized to Kourtney Kardashian and Bella Thorne by making a big blunder . Yes, the Lord did not hesitate to send the same bouquet of flowers to the two young women. A gesture that the Net surfers strongly criticized. As you know, the behavior of Mason’s dad has not been very exemplary in recent weeks. Present in Cannes , the beautiful brown chained evenings watered with many young ladies including the actress of Famous In Love . Their rapprochement has maddened the Web and the rumors have gone well on their relationship. However, Bella Thorne eventually left the south of France explaining that Scott Disick was drinking too much in his eyes. But while no one expected, the 19-year-old continues to spend time with him …
While Bella Thorne was bursting in her bed recently with her ex-Gregg Sulkin , it was on Snapchat that she created the surprise again. Slipped in a mini bikini with a burger in her hand, the pretty redhead has unveiled sexier than ever. A video that did not fail to alert its subscribers. The reason ? The place where the young woman was was not unknown! If one believes these photos above, this is the garden of Scott Disick in his house of Hidden Hills in Los Angeles . Yes you are not dreaming ! It seems that the two celebrities have decided to meet again. And that’s not all ! The actress also had a good time at the Lord’s pool. That should make it react on social networks. Is this the beginning of a brand new idyll in Hollywood ? Possible! In any case, it is a matter that will be followed closely. In your opinion, have Bella Thorne and Scott Disick reconciled?