Scott Disick coos with his ex to Cannes

Entertainment 26 May, 2017

Cannes will heat up! Bye bye Bella Thorne, Scott Disick has already moved on with one of his ex …
Let’s face it, when Bella Thorne and Scott Disick were recently seen exchanging a hot kiss in Cannes , the photos were soon to make a huge buzz on the Web. For good reason, fans quickly wondered if the two celebrities were a couple. With their 14-year gap and the fact that the pretty redhead is a friend of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, critics have fired on social networks. In other words, the haters have not gone dead hand on this sudden rapprochement. But while the two supposed lovebirds have sowed doubt about the true nature of their relationship , Scott Disick did not fail to shock by posting with another young woman. Yes you are not dreaming !
Is Scott Disick trying to attract attention? This is probably the question that everyone is asking. While he has lately been seen ultra accomplice with Bella Thorne , the handsome brown has completely moved on to something else. The young 34-year-old dad who claims to be a sex addict has appeared with Chloe Bartoli on very caliente photos . Remember in 2015, the Californian stylist and the TV reality star had been seen very close during a trip to Monaco . This time, it’s the same! Together at the edge of a swimming pool of a hotel, the two celebrities had a good time without worrying about the paparazzi. Between cuddles, The kisses and the scrolling hands of Scott Disick, they clearly did not go unnoticed . Are they on the verge of embarking on a new relationship? Business to follow! In any case, these clichés are already talking on the Web. A bit like the fail of Kendall Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian who were slapped for an evening in Cannes . And you, do you understand Scott Disick’s behavior?