Scott Disick: Kendall Jenner tackled by one of his new conquests!

Entertainment 2 February, 2017

Scott Disick seems to have turned the page with Kourtney Kardashian. And yet, one of his conquests did not hesitate to tackle his ex-sister Kendall Jenner!
While Scott Disick coos with models in Miami , the family Kardashian-Jenner she continues to run the next episodes of their reality. Moreover, the editorial ‘of melty s”est recently asked what was going on in the most famous clan of Los Angeles . Because yes, in recent days, the Lord made polemic on the Web. So that the last thought on good terms with the mother of his children , the young man of 33 years chose to display very close and accomplice supermodel J Lynne , whose real name Jessica Harris . Photos that quickly went around the web. So much so that the American media wanted to know more about the pretty Métis and they found that J Lynne did not really appreciate Kendall Jenner …
But what happened? To understand this story, we must go back to December 2016. Remember, at that time, Kendall Jenner is in Paris to scroll to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show . Except that J Lynne watching the program and does not hesitate to say what she really thinks of the It Girl. “Kendall has she forgotten that it is a fun show and not of haute couture? Brothel Mouse” she wrote then in one of his tweets shared at the time. And when a user approves his comment saying the sister Kylie Jenner is not essential, J Lynne adds answering him : . “His face looks so nervous if she was not famous, she would not On this scene. ” Ouch. Messages that have definitely not gone unnoticed. But far critical, Kendall Jenner has other fish to fry as can be seen in the new single of the season 13 of The Kardashians. And you, what do you think of J Lynne’s comments?