Scream Queens Season 2: Episode 6, Hester is on the loose in the synopsis and promo video!

Cinema 17 November, 2016

Next week, FOX will broadcast episode 6 of season 2 of Scream Queens, where we reveal the promo video and the synopsis!

scream-queens-saison-2-posterMore laughter and screams! As we told you in the hearings 15/11, Scream Queens is falling, while The Flash, This is Us and Chicago Fire are rising . In fact, we are under much more illusions about season 3. However, the distribution of the humoristic-horror series Ryan Murphy continues and promoting the next episode, titled “Blood Drive” begins. As we see in the promo video, Chanel will threaten Munsch, nurse Hoffer continues to monitor our hero is still as worrying, while Hester’ll come to Chanel at night, clutching a knife. We see it, we should still have our dose of laughter and cries too! Finally, the slogan of the video shows that the identity of a killer could be unveiled.
To learn a little more, the synopsis of this next installment comes to us and tells us that: “Following the influx of new patients in CURE Institute, Dean Munsch and Chanel are organizing a blood drive to solve the serious shortage of the hospital. Meanwhile, the nurse Hoffel sets up a revenge plan and Hester found a way to join the hospital staff. Finally, a shocking revelation involving the Green Meanie will be! ” . Recently, we wondered if Grace could be the killer Season 2 Scream Queens! strongly the next week ! What do you expect after Scream Queens?