Screens : the overexposure of children leads to dramatic situations

Health 27 June, 2017


Published the 27.06.2017 at 12: 11


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“In order to prevent serious developmental delays in babies and young children, we ask that national campaigns from the observations and recommendations of professionals in the field […] should be carried out in France and distributed in all places of childhood. “

This call for childhood professionals has been published in a forum in the World on may 31. They warn about the serious delays of development that may cause an overexposure to screens in the smaller ones. “We get very young children to be stimulated mainly by the screens, which at 3 years old, do we not look when you address them, do not communicate, do not speak, do not look for the others, are very agitated or very passive, worry-t-they.

According to the professionals, the disorders most serious presented by these children resemble autism spectrum disorders. Some do not speak still not at the age of 4 years suffer from attention problems, are unable to maintain a gaze on an adult or even an object, if it has no screen.

They have less than three years old and can spend over 6 hours per day on tablets or smartphones, ” says Dr. Anne-Lise Ducanda. Doctor of maternal and child protection in the Essonne, this specialist explains in the show’s guest health the dramatic consequences of the excessive use of screens on drain construction. And gives the key to coping with this addiction in the first age.

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with Dr. Anne-Lise Ducanda
broadcast on June 15, 2017