Season 2 of The Exorcist still gives more details on its history






We never repeat it enough, but the series, the Exorcist was a huge surprise when it aired last year. Because you do not believe it for a second, and that one was picked without even realizing it. What to wait for the result with impatience.

And yet, this was not won because the series was not necessarily made of good hearings, his future was so uncertain. After a few weeks of suspense, the good news was finally dropped, The Exorcist was going to come back for at least another season. Exit this time the family Rance as our duo of priests now travels the roads to combat the evil and will have to save for a new home of the Evil one.



And this time, Tomas and Marcus will be on an island near Seattle to help a psycologue that deal with five problem children. If the mystery has been obviously looked after around the true story of this new salvo of episode, the Fox comes outright to disclose the contents of the pilot, entitled Janus, which will be released on the 29th of September in the USA. And we could not keep this for us :

“Six months after leaving Chicago, Tomas continues his training to become an exorcist under the eye of Marcus Keane. Their journey brings them down to a troubled woman, Montana where their investigation is expanding soon to the rest of his family. But while Tomas has refined its capabilities, Marcus begins to worry that his friend takes too many unnecessary risks.

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The action then moves to a secluded island on the outskirts of Seattle where Andy Kim manages a group of adopted children to the problems that everyday life is disrupted by the arrival of an employee of the social services who must determine if the orphanage should or should not be closed. But nobody was aware of the danger that threatens them : an evil spirit that seems to have set his sights on one of the kids Andy.”

How can you say that it looks very good without falling into our posture of fanboy décérébré ? The first season was surprised with his tone hard and merciless, his imagery shocking, and his about much more profound than we had hoped. Therefore, there is no doubt that season 2 will follow the same path. So, strongly the end of the month.


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