Sebastien (Love is in the meadow 2016) and Charlotte have broken!

Entertainment 2 January, 2017

And it’s very recent …
While M6 will launch tonight the 12th season of love is in the meadow , a previous edition flagship torque just split! Sébastien (31 years), the breeder cows and producer of Christmas trees in Normandy, separated from the beautiful Charlotte. The farmer, who announced the news to our colleagues Télé-Loisirs , also revealed the reasons for this failure.
These are obviously of ” inconsistencies ” which led them to the separation. ” It’s still a great person, but I got stuck on a conflict between us. It was very different in many areas ,” said Sebastian, which had already mentioned the ” big points of difference ” with Charlotte at the balance sheet The program broadcast last October.
” We separated very recently, it’s been a week ,” he continued before stressing the beautiful Charlotte involvement in their relationship and dedication. ” It’s cool. We’re both trying to rebuild. It matters a lot to me, but I can not go further” , he has also explained.