Secret Story 10 final: Julien heavily in the polls!

Entertainment 17 November, 2016

And if victory was already acquired Julien?

julien-candidat-de-secret-storySecret Story 10 , it’s almost over. This Thursday, November 17 on NT1, panting after twelve weeks of play, we finally know who Anaïs Melanie Thomas and Julien will be chosen by viewers as the winner of the adventure.
If one believes the many online surveys, including those of that are wrong rarely is Julien literally crush the competition this year. Ultrapopulaire on social networks and constantly on a mission (or too much?) , The former boyfriend of Sophia and former BFF Bastien would collect 50% of the public vote. The pregnant ex-man Thomas come second with 24% of votes, and Anaïs Mélanie reap one and the other 13% of the vote.
Of course, in the House of Secrets, nobody really knows the popularity of each outside and we are entitled to think that things can still change during the prime time decisive tonight … Bastien – although that bedridden after his altercation with Vincent Queijo – he will encourage his fans to support his girlfriend Melanie ? Sarah she will support his friend Thomas?
In short, to be the winner of this 10th edition of Secret Story ? Answer tonight.
See you Thursday, 17 November 2016 at 20h50 on NT1 to follow the final episode of SS10 .