Secret Story 10: Julien denies rumors and tackle the companion of Sophia!

Entertainment 22 November, 2016

The candidate is dropped …
julien-grand-gagnant-de-secret-storyIn Secret Story 10 , Julien the winner of the season and Sophia eliminated the first girl had to hide that they were a couple. Separated today, the two former are for weeks in the heart of a controversy. Many viewers think that they have never visited. A rumor amplified by Sophia who had confirmed.
While Julien continues to assert that it was good in a relationship with Sophia before joining the House of Secrets, the pretty brunette has published a few days ago a selfie on which she poses with a nice kid . Cliché captioned: ” It is to me a year.. ” An issue which tends to confirm that Julian and Sophia were very fake couple.
But now, the winner of SS10 , interviewed by our confreres of Here , revealed that the man who poses with Sophia is none other than his ex! ” She can post pictures every day, I know very well that we were together. We even talked about her ex because he is working DJ and not far from the hotel where I worked. She had me recounted her relationship with him, to break. If it says it’s been a year, good for him if he is okay with it!
Then Julien is not kind to the man who, according to him, is a little too open: ” It happened still many things: sex I had with her, she came in House of Secrets with me, and, in addition, there was also his relationship with Bastien. So her boyfriend accepts all that during their year relationship … it’s beautiful . ”
Stating not to want to see Sophia, Secrétiste then delivers his explanation of why Sophia insists on saying that they were never a couple: ” To prove her love for him, she goes up to say on social networks that I was nothing and she was still with him. I think that’s it. (…) anyway, the truth always broke. I’m not here to lie . ”
Lie or not, Sophia of the beloved may not appreciate the challenge of Julien!