Secret Story 10 – Julien: The identity of his real girlfriend revealed!

Entertainment 24 November, 2016

This is a new proof that the young man was not in a relationship with Sophia!
julien-candidat-de-secret-story” Sophia can post pictures every day, I know very well that we were together. ” Julien, winner of Secret Story 10 , continues to assert that he and his ex were really a couple. Yet, as our colleagues reveal the site audience , the young man would actually be in love with another beautiful brunette, Tamara!
For many weeks, Sophia and Julien are at the heart of a controversy. Many viewers think that they have never visited. A rumor amplified by Sophia who confirmed this idea. But now, Julien has everything beautiful blanket denial, the truth has burst. The Secrétiste is in a relationship with Tamara, a young woman from the Middle East which he is madly in love. The question everyone asks is why he has not integrated the House of Secrets at his side.
A source close to ” everything was done at the last moment. Tamara could not join the game because she does not speak French well so he had to find a replacement rapido. ”
The relationship between Sophia and Julien is therefore totally false. ” They are neither more nor less than knowledge. They coexisted in the world of the night, in Cannes, nothing more ,” said the famous source.
With its beautiful Tamara, so Julien saw a beautiful love story. As our colleagues, there are even so madly in love that they have a common tattoo and each carry a symbol of their love ring!