Secret Story 10 – Manon: Topless or princess, the sister Anais on top!

Entertainment 14 November, 2016

The pretty blonde has nothing to envy her sister …

On November 3, Manon example posted on his Instagram account – where it is now followed by more than 121 000 people! – A picture of her topless and wearing makeup as ever. This beautiful black and white is the result of his collaboration with the photographer’s initials CK and @NoemieCoiffeuseMaquilleuse . ” You are beautiful as ever “, ” Be careful you stained your shirt lil, if you’re so beautiful! “, ” Thank you but you’re Photoshop gun without my mother! ” ” Wonderful, it looks like a doll ! “responded his admirers.
A few days later, Manon revealed new very cute shots – always from the same cooperation – in which it was revealed eg princess, resplendent in a pink ball gown and around a castle. ” Like a princess … Welcome to my home ,” she commented with a touch of humor.
No doubt his sister Anais appreciate these pictures when released itself from the House of Secrets after the grand finale of this 10th season.