Secret Story 10 – Melanie Bastien and slept in the house! Sarah balance …

Entertainment 21 November, 2016

melanie-candidate-de-secret-storyThey are not hidden!
Melanie Bastien and took quite a good time in Secret Story 10 . To believe Sarah, the couple flagship of the House of Secrets would not have hesitated to make love very casually.

melanie-candidate-de-secret-story“They do not hide, they said it aloud in the house Bastien came to see us in the room. Yes, we we do this without coverage, like this one is sure that the images will not be retransmitted outside ‘, “said the woman in an interview with the magazine Public . A behavior that she found ” a little embarrassing .”
But as then reveals the candidate, the couple had the decency not to frolic in front of his comrades, but in the love room or to be heard.
Between Mélanie Bastien, romance is still relevant today. The show is over, the couple can indulge in the sensual sessions in the strictest privacy.