Secret Story – Coralie Porrovecchio: His wild hair new look!

Entertainment 6 December, 2016

A daring haircut!
coralie-porrovecchio-de-secret-storyCoralie Porrovechio was not afraid to dare!

Usually, the former candidate of Secret Story (Season 9) and Angels (Season 8) is not the type to change hair style. For a long time she posted a simple mid-length cut, sometimes with straight hair, sometimes curly. His only capillary madness until late November was the bonded tresses , it is to say. But on November 24, Coralie Porrovecchio unveiled a new section that has not failed to react subscribers.
As you can see below, the ex-girlfriend of Raphael Pépin shaved part of his lower skull and made draw leopard spots.
Unsurprisingly, capillary change has not failed to react subscribers. Many are not having validated his madness. ” It gives me chills so that its disgusts me … it was better to natural coconut after it is each his own “, ” You screwed up there ,” ” But when you do this kind of hairstyle. I do not like at all! “,” My god, what she did with her hair “,” well done anyway but I do not like , “did you have read .
Fortunately, Coralie Porrovecchio still had the right to positive comments like ” Far too beautiful ,” ” I really like this kind of haircut is original ,” ” I find it beautiful and original “, ” each his own. I think it’s beautiful, after saying what you want . ” What cheer him.