Seduction : men who eat vegetables have more success

Health 19 August, 2017


Published the 18.08.2017 to 18h29


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The humor, the kindness, the beauty, the intelligence, or a nice car. All of these characteristics – more or less machismo – that are supposed to succumb to the women the charm of men are outdated ! Women are, in reality, to the power supply. Yes gentlemen, without the knowledge, they will be attracted to those who eat the most fruits and vegetables.

Researchers in psychology from Macquarie university in Sydney (Australia) have carried out a little experiment. They presented t-shirts for men, soaked in sweat after a little exercise, women were asked to classify them according to the feeling of attraction that they spoke of the smell. And the attraction instinctive is related to the diet.

It is a reminder that, when it is issued, the sweat has almost no smell. It is then that the bacteria act to give the characteristic odor and unpleasant. The women-judges, therefore, have not had to smell t-shirts smelly. Phew.

Fruity Notes

Dietary habits were assessed by a questionnaire, but also by the spectrophotometry of the skin. The people who consume the most fruits and vegetables have, in general, the skin a little more yellow than the other, because of the presence of carotenoids, pigments that give the colour to slightly the skin.

They were then able to combine diet and attractiveness of smell. The men who eat the most fruits and vegetables have the smell the most appealing, denoted touches of floral, fruity and medicinal. Eggs, meat and tofu to have a similar effect. What are the hydrates of carbon, the industrial sugars, which are the most deleterious to the body odor, and therefore to avoid in order to seduce her.

This association was verified by spectrophotometry. The men skinned the more ” yellow “, therefore those consuming more vegetables, were often preferred to the other.