Selena Gomez back, what to expect from her next album?

Entertainment 29 January, 2017

Back on the planet people because of her romance with The Weeknd, Selena Gomez is actively working on her next album. But what to expect?
2017 will be a beautiful year! That’s all we know about Selena Gomez. Currently more happy and fulfilled than ever, the interpreter of “Good for You” actively prepare her third studio album. But if the countdown for Dangerous Woman Tour Ariana Grande started , Selena Gomez, she hopes to take his time before revealing anything. That said, we are obviously eager to discover what she is preparing us. Thus, we have listed all the elements that could make the successor Revival really crazy. Are you ready ? Let’s go ! # 1: A visual album . Like Beyoncé, Frank Ocean or Drake, Selena Gomez could be tempted to go behind the camera to offer her fans a record that is completely personal and made of her hand. More than performing on YouTube and VEVO, she could use both platforms to unveil a short film accompanying her new disc. That would be a good idea! # 2: featurings staggering . Obviously, since we know that Selena Gomez and The Weeknd are dating, we all dream of a featuring between the two. We have already seen on the title “Love Me Harder” Ariana Grande, The Weeknd’s voice blends perfectly with that of current pop stars. But it’s definitely a duet Selena Gomez / Taylor Swift that would make it absolutely awesome. Since the time they are seen dancing together in the assistance of the awards ceremonies, we dream of seeing them on stage perform a new title. Not you ?
# 3: Highly personal titles . If you follow the news of Selena Gomez, you are not without knowing that 2016 was a complicated year for her. Reaching a lupus, she had to cancel much of her world tour and go to rest. Always very close to her fans, it is a safe bet that her next record will contain one or more titles directly evoking the problems she encountered last year. Cathartic, the process could enable him to deliver titles even more intense than those they have already proposed. # 4: A settlement of accounts is expected . It has long been known, Selena Gomez hates to be considered “the ex of Justin Bieber” (which could take a break at the end of his Purpose World Tour) . Adored by the press and the public, the interpreter of “Same Old Love” is a real key to everything (music, film, television, fashion, etc.) and does not deserve to be reduced to a past romance. That’s why it’s a safe bet that she will defend her independence on a 100% girl power title. On “Me & My Girls” (from Revival ), it was selling us the dream. # 5: A promotional tour of the most impressive . Because Selena Gomez has now become a brand, it goes without saying that she will be very well received on all the stages where she will choose to go. Live or interview confession, the machine Selena Gomez will not shrink from anything and leave no one indifferent. Like always ! What do you think of Selena Gomez?