Selena Gomez beats a new record, her touching message!

But who will beat Selena Gomez? For now, the star remains the Queen of the Web. She also wanted to thank her fans with a touching message.
It’s a real win for Selena Gomez . Absent for several months, the young woman has prepared her comeback and it is a real success. Whether with his new love, The Weeknd , or his latest title, the star is in everyone’s mind. Besides, the title of Selena Gomez and Kygo, “It Is not Me” is on the Web. Today, Selena Gomez has just set a new record. Despite her absence from several months on social networks, the young woman has accumulated an exceptional number of followers. It is simply a historical record. Of course, Selena Gomez wanted to thank her fans because without them, she would not be where she is ….
If Beyoncé beat Selena Gomez and Kim Kardashian by collecting the most “like” mention in the photo that announced her pregnancy, it is indeed the interpreter of “Slow Down” who reigns supreme on Insta. Yes, Selena Gomez has reached 110 million followers on her personal account. Happy and proud of this historic number, the young woman thanked her fans, the Selenators : “Thank you family for the 110. I promise to continue to feed my account and be as frank as possible, but More importantly, that each one of you has changed my life, and I am grateful to you . ” This is a message that will most definitely affect Internet users.

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