Selena Gomez finally confides in her relationship with The Weeknd

Entertainment 28 May, 2017

Ah bah finally! Selena Gomez finally confided in her relationship with The Weeknd. It was time !
It’s crazy love! Since they formalized their sentimental relationship, Abelena never leaves . Everything seems to smile at the new couple Hollywood flagship. Moreover, the new title of Selena Gomez, Bad Liar, is a real worldwide success . The young woman made a comeback in 2017 and is not ready to stop there. Is his new boyfriend giving him wings? Anyway, when Selena Gomez loves, she says so. After several months of silence, the pretty brunette finally decided to talk about his guy, The Weeknd , in interview. It was time Seli, we were getting impatient …
For The Weeknd, Selena Gomez would be ready for anything and she is not afraid to say it. In a completely new interview for Radio Miami’s Power 96.5 FM, the international singer revealed how she behaved with her new boyfriend “I’m the kind of girl who loves terribly,” she said. Selena Gomez goes on to say, “I’ve always been that kind of girl. I’ll give min heart and soul to the person I love . ” Here you are, Abel! In any case, it was discovered that Selena Gomez was in love with The Weeknd long before he was separated from Bella Hadid. Ouch, that stings for the mannequin. So what do you think of the statements of Selena Gomez?