Selena Gomez in couple with The Weeknd, Bella Hadid is furious to have been stabbed in the back!

Entertainment 15 January, 2017

Bella Hadid has really crossed the throat the fact that Selena Gomez comes out with her ex and these new revelations will prove to you that the grudge goes very far

Selena Gomez and The Weeknd couple, Bella Hadid broken heart … And not a little, especially it considered Selena as one of her friends, and according to TMZ , she feels to have Was stabbed in the back. Completely betrayed, she would be astounded that Selena has not made the effort to come and talk to him first: “Keep Bella or Gigi aware was the most respectable and honorable thing to do … But Hollywood is like That! ” At the same time, it amounts to breaking the code of the girls, aka NEVER going out with the ex of one of your girlfriends! And the worst part is that their relationship would have begun very soon after the breakup. Selena Gomez & The Weeknd have ALREADY been a couple at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Paris, these SMSs mean everything. How would you react?