Selena Gomez jealous of Bella Hadid? The Weeknd reassures her!

Entertainment 22 January, 2017

Not always easy to avoid her ex in some events when a star. While Bella Hadid and The Weeknd found themselves in the same place, could Selena Gomez be jealous? The singer is ready for anything for her!
When your boyfriend falls on his ex when an event while the break is still fresh, difficult not to make ideas or even jealous a little bit, we must admit! Would he have had a reunion between The Weeknd and Bella Hadid? The two ex found themselves in the same place this Wednesday, January 18 at a concert given at Madison Square Garden in New York in tribute to A $ AP Yams. Abel Tesfaye went on stage to take part in this tribute while her ex was present in the public. The story also does not say whether in backstages, the two ex met … And if it was, would Selena Gomez be jealous of Bella Hadid? If one believes the source of Hollywood Life , The Weeknd did not seem to be aware of the presence of his ex in the public and his gesture to reassure his new girlfriend this evening is adorable!
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After seeing Bella Hadid in the concert audience, The Weeknd had only one thought in mind: Selena Gomez! So that there was no ambiguity in torque compared to the presence of his ex during that famous concert, once out of scene, the singer would have called directly Selena Gomez: “He reassured about Selena that there was nothing between him and Bella (…) He does not want her to read bad things about the fact they were in the same place ” . You can say it’s adorable, is not it? Even when the couple is not together, Selena and Abel would still be linked via their phone almost permanently: . “Even when they are not together, they always talk on the phone before going to sleep This is their thing, since the first day of their relationship ” ! If the two new lovebirds can no longer leave, is that Selena Gomez will follow The Weeknd in its European tour next month? It’s very possible! Do you find the couple Selena Gomez / The Weeknd adorable?