Selena Gomez joins The Weeknd in Paris for her birthday?

Entertainment 21 July, 2017

The big day is coming! The birthday of Selena Gomez is this Saturday and the young woman would have decided to join The Weeknd in Paris for the occasion.

Rumors are going on right now about the Abelena couple. For several days, the mystery hovers over the possible infidelity of the singer towards the pretty brunette. The facts are said to have taken place last weekend when The Legend of Ireland’s Legend of The Fall Tour was staged in Ireland. After her concert, the international star would have taken to her hotel room a porn star, Ava Van Rose. But then, did The Weeknd truly deceive Selena Gomez or all this is just a theory? In any case, if the doubt persists concerning this subject, this latest news seems to confirm the opposite. This Saturday, Selena Gomez will celebrate its 25 years. On this occasion, she would have decided to join The Weeknd in Paris.

This is the rumor of this weekend. If The Weeknd would always stay in a private mansion on Rue Tronchet in Paris, we learn, according to the HollywoodLife site, that it could soon be joined by his dear and tender. Currently in the capital for the Lollapalooza festival, the interpreter of “I Feel It Coming” will not be present to celebrate the birthday of Selena Gomez. However, the girlfriend of Taylor Swift would have decided to take a return trip to Paris to celebrate her 25th birthday with her boyfriend. In any case, if Selena Gomez remained discreet about the possible infidelity of The Weeknd towards her and if she is ready to join him in the city of love, we can conclude that everything rolls for Abelena.