Selena Gomez: Justin Bieber, she prepares her revenge against her ex!

Entertainment 22 June, 2017

The American singer is playing around the world with her brand new Bad Liar clip. But is Selena Gomez preparing a vengeance against her ex?
The Selenators awaited her impatiently, and she is finally there! After an extremely difficult and painful year, American singer Selena Gomez, who suffered from lupus , a serious illness that attacks the immune system, returns to us more fit than ever before. And this news to make his fans mad with joy, for it had been months that they waited for the return of the interpreter of Same Old Love. And it was on Twitter that the best friend of Taylor Swift had resurfaced last May, announcing the arrival of his new album. Yes but here, among the new tubes of the star, it would seem that a title is destined to his ex boyfriend Justin Bieber. Is Selena Gomez preparing her revenge?
Passing on a message, or lynching through a song, has always existed. Remember, when released his tube Sorry , Justin Bieber had clearly sent a message to his ex, related to their love relationship. But today, it would seem that it was the turn of Selena Gomez who released a new album to give back the coin of his play. With a song dedicated to the Canadian singer, does she take revenge? Looks like it was. Indeed, after Bad Girlfriend , Selena unveiled a new tube, one of the tracks of her new album, It is not me that would be addressed to Justin Bieber. Yes, we had told you, the American pop star is well back, And is revealed more in shape than ever! And you what do you think ?