Selena Gomez: Niall Horan sends him an adorable message, wants to reconquer it?

Entertainment 12 January, 2017

Niall Horan left an adorable message to Selena Gomez! The singer seems to want to reconquer the interpreter of “Kill Em with Kindness”.
But what really happens between Selena Gomez and Niall Horan? The two singers were displayed very close to the 2016 American Music Awards in November. The two stars had a brief history in early 2016 but seemed to have decided to remain friends. And yet, since Selena Gomez came out of rehab, the singer and Niall Horan appear closer and closer and accomplices. The singer even confessed to the pretty brunette. If rumors suggested that Selena Gomez and Niall Horan could be back together, it would seem that the singer is trying to win back the young woman. It seems in any case that the two stars are looking for and are ready to give themselves a second chance. The Web was particularly inflamed on this subject when Niall Horan commented on a photo Instagram of Selena Gomez confessing to him that it missed to him.
While Selena Gomez shared a photo of her and her friends, Niall Horan was quick to comment on the cliché. “I miss you girls. I look forward to seeing you all.” , He wrote. All of them? Or just Selena Gomez? Do not forget that in his last song, “This Town” , the singer evokes a girl he can not get out of his head. This famous woman could be Selena Gomez but Niall Horan prefers maintain the mystery about this “unknown” . One thing is for sure, Selena Gomez is a very coveted woman. While some rumors also claimed that she would again be in a relationship with Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez is actually in a relationship with The Weeknd. The couple was spotted kissing in Santa Monica . Too bad for Niall Horan! And do you think Niall Horan can still reconquer Selena Gomez?