Selena Gomez ready to tackle Justin Bieber?

Entertainment 16 May, 2017

Is the revenge of Selena Gomez finally arrived? Is his ex boyfriend Justin Bieber going to be tapped by the singer?
Do you feel the big clash going up? We understand you clearly meltynauts! For several days, the beautiful Selena Gomez tease Bad Liar , her possible future single. While the star had announced that she would rather take a little time for her, her latest posts on her Instagram account prove otherwise. We’re going to have to wait until May 18th to get the message. But now, with the title “Bad Liar”, all eyes have turned to the ex of the international star, Justin Bieber . It is not the first time that the interpreter of “Slow Down” settles his accounts with His former boyfriend. But then, with this title, if there is title, Selena Gomez is finally ready to tackle Justin Bieber?
As we know, celebrities, and singers, use their music to settle their accounts or talk about events that have their lives forever. If Taylor Swift, who has finally resurfaced this week, has often tackled his ex in his albums, his BFF will most certainly do the same. With “Bad Liar” , the tone is given. We know, the former couple Jelena has had ups and above all, a lot of downs. Infidelities, lies … Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have had a tumultuous relationship. Is it for the moment for her to finally reveal the whole truth about Jelena’s story ? Rendez-vous on May 18 to find out more …