Selena Gomez soon to be a couple with Orlando Bloom? The rumor of the week!

Is there a new twist between The Weeknd and Selena Gomez? Orlando Bloom would have set her sights on the singer … We tell you everything!
Is there a shadow on the board between Selena Gomez and The Weeknd ? Since the beginning of their history, the two singers are on everyone’s lips and some do not see their relationship very well. This is obviously the case for Bella Hadid, the ex of Abel and now Orlando Bloom also goes there. Freshly separated from Katy Perry, the actor of Pirates of the Caribbean would have already set his sights on the sublime brunette. But then, would Orlando Bloom be a danger to The Weeknd and Selena Gomez? Who will capsize the heart of the interpreter of “It Is not Me” ? Discover immediately the latest details of this new rumor!
Since his separation with Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom reportedly said he was interested in Selena Gomez, according to the latest rumors. The two stars have already been spotted together in 2014 and 2016 and the actor would not have said his last word. So would Orlando Bloom have a chance to conquer the heart of Selena Gomez? It must be believed not since the young woman is madly in love with The Weeknd. The singers spin the perfect love and do not leave each other. Moreover, Selena Gomez does not hesitate to join his man at the end of the world. Their story seems to be made to last and Orlando Bloom does not seem to make the weight. So we can say Abel 1 – Orlando 0 ! What do you think of this rumor?

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