Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Britney Spears … These details of clips that may have eluded you

Entertainment 17 June, 2017

You also chain the clips all day long on YouTube? And yet you may have missed out on some crunchy details that have their importance in pop culture! Come on, we decided to make things easier for you!
Beautiful kids, ultra-pimped cars, lots of dollars … Luckily all the clips do not resemble those rappers in bad inspiration! And this is something Selena Gomez understood by unveiling the clip of her new single “Bad Liar” a few days ago. Impossible that you missed this video canon (but a little cheloue) in mode 70’s where the singer plays several characters! But you may have missed a little detail on the other hand … Did you catch that at one time Taylor Swift fucks the inlay in “Bad Liar”? If checked well, the Selena BFF appears … on a poster in the room of the character of the teenager! Yeah, without us t ‘ Would have done so to notice it? So we propose you to see full of other details that you surely missed in the clips of pop stars!
One Direction – “Best Song Ever”
The 1D, they had understood everything! In their clip “Best Song Ever” , the group had allowed themselves to announce the release of This Is Us, the documentary film that follows them during the Take Me Home Tour. Well played guys !
Britney Spears – “I Wanna Go”
Remember Britney’s calamitous performance in the movie Crossroads? Bin the singer made a small wink to this turnip in the clip “I Wanna Go” by making genre that the sequence was broadcast to the cinema. We validate.
Katy Perry – “I Kissed A Girl”
Before Ke $ ha got out the tube “Tik Tok” , she just wrote for other pop stars. And Katy Perry was friendly by offering him a mini role in the video that revealed: “I Kissed A Girl” . Yeah, you did not see her come here!
The Weeknd – “Starboy”
Well, we admit that this detail may not have escaped you. Too busy, the Daft Punk chose to appear in the “Starboy” clip in Renaissance painting mode. We love it!
Taylor Swift – “Wildest Dreams”
With his latest album, 1989 , Taylor Swift has made quite a lot of hits. In the video of “Wildest Dreams” , she even had the good idea to make a wink to the title of her disc (and her year of birth) in a subtle way!
Lady Gaga – “Telephone”
There are so many references in this mythical clip of Lady Gaga and Beyoncé. But our favorite is undoubtedly the Pussy Wagon (of the movie Kill Bill) that the two criminals use to flee the authorities!