Sense8: 3 reasons why Netflix should make a film to conclude the series!

Cinema 19 June, 2017

After the cancellation of Sense8, fans continue to hope to see Nomi, Will, Capheus and others in a film.
While it was proposed to you there is little to discover the comments of the actors of Sense8 following the cancellation of the series, today we return on the possibility of seeing a film close the series. Indeed it would not be the first time that a film completes or finishes the story of a series that was canceled too early, and as much to tell you that we would really like it to happen for Sense8. We therefore listed 3 reasons why Netflix should invest in a film. Reason # 1: We know that the cost of the series, shot in many countries, was part of the reasons cited for its cancellation . But at the end of Season 2, most sensates are in the same place: London.
Reason # 2: A movie would allow current fans to have a real ending, but especially to future fans who will discover the series later on Netflix not to be totally frustrated . So instead of sinking into oblivion as “the super Netflix series that was canceled,” Sense8 could remain this daring and original series, leading figure of tolerance and acceptance. Netflix could by the way improve somewhat its image tarnished by the cancellation of a series so emblematic for minorities for reasons of subscriptions … Finally last but not least , reason No. 3 : we want an end! Season 2 ends on a cliffhanger and the sensates are finally ready to face BPO, We would like to know how this would end, or at least have an idea. Let us hope, then, that Netflix hears our prayers, and while waiting to find out, you have already been told what one would have liked to see in a season of Sense . What do you think ?